Almost a whole year

In May last year, nearly six years after my friend Tenesor and I planned to do a small animation project, I managed to finish “Nouvelle Cuisine” short film. It’s been almost a whole year since the moment I pressed the “export” button for the “final” (at least for now) version of the film.

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect after such a long time working on it. Six years is very long time for a 5 minute film, and you end up losing perspective when watching the same shots again and again, constantly looking at the little imperfections and wishing you had had a bit more time and energy to polish this or that. Luckily, the film’s response has exceeded all my expectations, and has been selected – at the time this post was written – in 66 festivals and events around the world, traveling to 18 countries and earning 8 awards so far.

This post was meant to be a recap of this whole year, but actually the only thing I can think of is thanking all of those people that made it possible. There are so many people I would like to thank, and so many names I always forget to mention when I have the chance to do it. A big THANK YOU to everyone that gave a bit of their time to make this small story a reality, for your patience and your enthusiasm, as without you, this film wouldn’t be what it is. Thanks to my partner, Aimee,  for always supporting me and encouraging me to create new stories and improve as an artist and as a person, and for managing Nouvelle Cuisine’s facebook page! . Thanks to my friends, for accompanying me everywhere, even if it is only with their hearts, and always asking me about my future projects and believing in me. A special thanks to the people I have learned most from about animation, Saúl and Manolo. Thanks to those that always offer themselves to collaborate in future projects, lending me a bit of their precious time, as doing this on my own would be almost impossible.

Without you, this wouldn’t make sense at all. The long nights working at home, the weekends sitting in front of the screen, the excitement of creating new stories… without your support, would not be worth it.

Thank you.